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Extreme Hydrofoiling, Powered by Simulation
ANSYS CFD analysis software helped Emirates Team New Zealand bring new speed to the world's oldest trophy event.
CFD Provides the Winning Edge
STAR-CCM+ CFD Software helps guide Oracle Team USA Hydrofoil to victory.
PLM Yields Perfect Rocket Launches
ULA set out to consolidate analysis data and processes in Siemens PLM Software's Teamcenter.
Optimize the Design Cycle
People change much more slowly than technology does.
Overcoming Engineering Culture to Make a Change
Looking to change things for the better? Don't be surprised to find all manner of obstacles in your path.
Making Optimization a Shared Experience
Enterprise Suite allows teams to build the advanced multidisciplinary optimization workflows that are critical to complex system design.
The CAD-CAE Cleanup Headache
CAD geometry cleanup stirs workflow questions in quest to quell CAD-to-CAE issues.
Metal 3D Printing on the Rise
From ordinary to exotic, AM machines and materials are getting the spotlight.
Siemens Closes the Simulation-Test Loop
Siemens PLM Software's LMS business segment improves performance and system linkage with Test.Lab Rev 13.
Work with Large CAD Assemblies
Increasing product complexity and cross-disciplinary design are adding to the size and scope of CAD models, but new technology advances are facilitating engineers' interaction with large assemblies.
Real-life Results with the UberCloud CAE Experiment
Engineers are seeing higher computing power and ease of use in moving designs and simulations to the cloud.
An Optimized Single-socket Solution
3DBOXX 4150 XTREME, the latest single-CPU workstation from BOXX Technologies, sets a new price/performance standard.
Faster Rendering and Visualization
Today's technologies are making it easier than ever to speed up the design process.
The Zombie Computer Survival Guide
Here are some things to consider when shopping for HPC for simulation.
Workstation, Cluster or Cloud?
Choosing where to run complex computational models has become a choice driven by more than just costs. Today, many factors come into play when choosing from among the traditional workstation, onsite computing grid or cloud services.

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