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Bright Computing Software Integrates with IBM Power Systems
Bright Computing's Bright Cluster Manager 8.0 now integrates with IBM Power Systems. 
NVIDIA Volta System Geared Up for AI
Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Supermicro announce servers based on NVIDIA Tesla V100 accelerators.
Design Thinking Savvy
Design thinking, from a business perspective, must mirror how product development teams work, experts say.
Artificial Intelligence for Design Gets Real
Rapid advances in artificial intelligence could alter the way designers work.
SC16 Hints at What Supercomputing Means for Manufacturing
Vendors of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and deep learning focus on expanding access to advanced computing solutions to more industries.
Rescale Certifies IBM Cloud as Computing Provider
Companies will be able to select IBM's bare metal cloud servers to run computations.
IBM Releases NVIDIA-Equipped Servers
The Power System has Tesla GPUs and NVLink for high-performance applications.
Rogue Wave Software Partners with IBM
The collaboration will help provide more technical-grade support for open-source software.
Cognitive Mobility: Olli the Self-Driving Vehicle
The vehicle is connected to IBM's Watson.
IBM Updates Data Management Solutions
The company has introduced Spectrum Computing, a new set of software offerings.
Note to U.S.: Uphold High-Performance Computing Leadership
A recent report released by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) raised concerns about an eroding U.S. HPC position as it intensifies and countries like China, Japan and Russia amplify their own HPC development efforts.
IBM Research Opens Access to Quantum Computing
The IBM Quantum Experience is a cloud-based access platform for research.
What’s Behind Watson?
The supercomputer's technology can now be used in applications via its Periodic Table.
Help for HPC in the Cloud
Offloading simulation to the cloud requires help from specialists.
The Team Behind IBM’s Reusable Polymer
The material can be recycled multiple times without sacrificing strength.

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