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Injection Molding

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Injection Molding from 3D Printed Molds
Teaming up a desktop 3D printer and a benchtop injection molder can help you make molds in-house without busting the budget.
Proto Labs Launches On-Demand Manufacturing for Molded Production Parts
Proto Labs also opens Metrology Lab for digital inspections.
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Design Considerations for Overmolding and Insert Molding
There's a lot to take into account when you design for overmolding and insert molding processes. Here's a guide that can help.
Break Out of the Mold with 3D Printing
Though 3D printed mold making does have limitations, it offers great potential for improving product cycles from design to fabrication.
Proto Labs Introduces Rapid Insert Molding
This new insert molding capability can produce 25 to 10,000-plus insert-molded parts in 15 days or less, according to the company.
What Injection Molding Simulation Software Can Do for You
Whatever your role in plastics injection molding, there’s a tool that will improve your endgame.
Bastech Takes Conformal Cooling to New Heights
A collaboration with 3D Systems helps reduce costs and shop time savings.
Design Considerations for Injection Molding
The mold is often the biggest investment in the manufacturing process for plastic parts.
Will 3D Printing Be the Demise of Plastic Injection Molding?
Quantity, quality and cost can help determine which method is ideal for your manufacturing needs.
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Designing for Moldability
RocTool Partners with Autodesk
The collaboration will allow expanded distribution of Simulation Moldflow Insight.
Proto Labs Expands Metal Injection Molding Offerings
The company has added several new metal materials to its portfolio.
Stratasys, Worrell Partner For Medical Device Development
The companies are promoting the use of 3D printed injection molds to manufacture parts and prototypes.

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