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IntegrityWare Releases Modeling Kernel
C# is a high-level programming language.
IntegrityWare Inc.
IntegrityWare, Inc. specializes in supplying 3-D geometric modeling and graphics technology solutions to vendors in a variety of industries.
nPower Software Releases Power Surfacing Version 4
Power Surfacing enables the ability to design complex free form Class A surfaces in SOLIDWORKS.

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Next-Gen: Shooting for the Moon
Next-GenStudent Competition Profile: NASA SUITS Competition

Diving Deep to Design Sustainable Ecosystems
Collaboration with simulation experts can lead to more sustainable design outcomes.

MachineWorks Releases Polygonica 3.3
Polygonica is a component software library.

Industrial Origami 3D Printing Takes Shape
STILFOLD sells its first “industrial origami” metal-folding machine to Georgia Tech’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Ansys Simulation Picked by NuScale Power for Nuclear Technology
NuScale used Ansys to design and validate the engineering and safety of its small modular reactor under regulatory requirements,

Dassault Systèmes Releases SOLIDWORKS 2024
Company says new release enables users to create experiences smarter, faster, together.

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