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Maple IDE Reduces Development Time
New development environment can manage projects in Maple language.
Bricsys Announces Version 8 of Bricsys LGS 2D and 3D Component Technology
Constraint solvers allow developers to solve geometric and dimensional constraints.
Spatial Ships ACIS R24, CGM R2014, Updates Product Line
3D Interop now provides complete associativity between tessellation, annotations, and semantic information.
Hexagon Metrology Launches PC-DMIS 2013
Width Construction function facilitates construction of features from two opposing sides of a surface.
Maple Global Optimization Toolbox Offers New Problem-Solving Capabilities
New release powered by Optimus technology from Noesis Solutions.
Hexagon Metrology Launches Online Tech Support Center
Users can review all support trouble tickets via Web portal.
New Initiative to Promote STEM Interest in High Schools
Maplesoft and British Columbia Institute of Technology partner to promote applications of math education.
NAG Fortran Library Updated
Includes new optimizers and routines.
Hexagon Acquires Brazil’s Leica Geosystems Distributor MANFRA
Company developed Posicao topography software.
Engineering, Mathematical, and Scientific System Updated
Maple 17 offers over 400 new commands for technical problem solving and application development.
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Editor’s Pick: Engineering, Mathematical, and Scientific System Updated
New Release of Maple Advances Teaching and Research
Focus on application development also supports The Möbius Project.
MathWorks Releases 2013a MATLAB and Simulink
Updates strengthen wireless capabilities and radar communications system design.
NAG Library for Java Available
Includes more than 1,700 numerical routines.
Wolfram Releases Mathematica 9
New Predictive Interface provides autocompletion, optimized suggestions.

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