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The Case of the Clawpole Transverse Flux Machine
Among all existing TFM geometries, the Clawpole TFM (CTFM) may offer the optimal compromise between torque density and ease of construction and manufacturing.
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MagNet Tackles BLDC Motor Design in the World of Sleep Apnea
ResMed is a leading global manufacturer of medical equipment designed to treat and manage sleep apnea and other chronic respiratory problems. The latest battery-powered CPAP and lung ventilation devices bringing patients relief require small electric BLDC motors, and low-power consumption...
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Power Transformers: A Study in Lightning Impulse (LI) Modeling and Simulation
TraVolTra is a system for HF modeling and simulation of power transformers.
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Dynamic Fault Simulations of Synchronous Motors
By performing transient FEM simulations of electrical machines under short-circuit conditions, engineers have a tool for understanding the dynamic effects without risking damaging to the machine.
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Eco-Energy and Beyond
In 2014, 22 multidisciplinary student teams set out to build the world’s most eco-energy-friendly vehicle as part of the Shell Eco-Marathon in Detroit.
MagNet and Magnetic Levitation: A Deep Dive
In this presentation, Adrian Perregaux explores how MagNet can be leveraged for levitation.
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Infolytica Engages Community in Electromagnetics Simulation
Last November, Infolytica gathered customers, the academic community, and expert engineers for its annual Engage user conference in Miami.
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How to Tap MagNet’s Parameterization Function to Speed up Force Simulation
Christina Chen of Magnet Energy LLC set out to simulate the force of enormous magnets in order to establish equations for various magnets of different dimensions at 23 air gaps.
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Achieving High Gear Ratios for Magnetic Gearboxes
A magnetic gearbox (MG) can operate with low noise and vibration, and any kind of non-contact operation eliminates the need for gear lubrication.
Mentor Graphics
Accelerating innovation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Thermal Characterization Mentor CFD simulation and thermal test products have led the market for decades, providing a broad portfolio of best-in-class simulation, analysis, and test/measurement solutions.
Mentor announces 2017 FloEFD Frontloading CFD Award Winners
This award from Mentor recognizes individuals who have successfully implemented the practice of moving CFD simulation early into their design process using the Mentor award-winning FloEFD technology.
The Technologies Driving the Autonomous Car
Possibly the greatest challenge for autonomous vehicles is that driverless vehicles must have sensing and control systems that exceed the capabilities of human drivers.
Pushing Security from the Cloud to Every Endpoint in Today’s IoT
As high value content now flows throughout the IoT, devices are saddled with communicating high-value information via an IoT connection. As a result, the security threat has greatly increased for all connected IoT devices.
Editor’s Picks for October 26-November 1, 2017
One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.
Mentor Launches FloEFD Product for CFD Simulation
New FloEFD functionality includes enhanced geometry handling, new physics and results visualization tools for faster analysis and greater productivity.

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