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Mobile Workstations

Xi Computer Unveils New PowerGo Laptop
Xi PowerGo 15/7 CAD and graphic notebook works with 3D CAD packages such as Inventor, Revit and more.
Lenovo ThinkPad P50s Review: Portable and Affordable
The lightweight 15.6-in. Lenovo ThinkPad P50s mobile workstation features incredible battery life.
Workstation Review: Portable and VR Ready
The MSI WT72 6QN delivers a great display and good performance.
HP Launches New Workstations at CES 2017
The systems are suited for both professional and personal use.
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Making the Case for a New Computing Workflow
Engineering teams are transforming traditional workflows to take advantage of new digital-driven design processes.
Go Mobile with Virtual Reality
New mobile workstation supports immersive virtual reality workflows and development.
Xi PowerGo XT Workstation Review: Desktop-Worthy
The powerful mobile workstation delivers desktop performance in a compact setup.
Eurocom Sky DLX7: A Very Powerful Portable
The workstation's desktop CPU delivers performance at a price.
HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation Review: Ultrathin, Light and Powerful
The HP ZBook Studio G3 earns kudos as the world’s first quad-core workstation ultrabook.
Sibling Rivalry: Lenovo ThinkPad P50 Review
The system is a smaller and lighter option from the P70.
Lenovo ThinkPad P70: The Price/Performance Leader
Lenovo’s first new 17-in. mobile workstation in years is a winner.
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Editor’s Pick: MSI WT72 6QN
With NVIDIA GPUs, the system is Virtual Reality Ready.
Dell Precision 7710 Workstation Review: A New Powerhouse
The Dell Precision 7710 mobile workstation delivers great performance in a sleek package.
Mobiles Soar Above Skylake
New configurations of ultra-thin and desktop class mobile workstations feature Skylake CPUs and NVIDIA graphics.
Eurocom Sky X9W Review: A True Desktop Replacement
The Eurocom Sky X9W mobile workstation delivers desktop power at a premium price.

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Hexagon Releases Latest Update of EDGECAM
New release supports fast 5-axis machining tools; software features barrel cutter support and new gun drilling cycle.

Systems Engineering Software Update Advances Multidiscipline Simulation
Siemens PLM Software releases a full plate of new features in Simcenter Amesim 2019.1. 

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Editor’s Pick: Multi-domain Systems Analysis Just Got Easier
Siemens PLM Software updates Simcenter Amesim with new features in four broad categories.

Researchers Freeze-Print Graphene Battery Anodes
A team at Kansas State University used a freeze printing approach to create sodium ion batteries with hybrid graphene aerogels.

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