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Bots Battle Gladiator Style in the National Robotics League
Students are immersed in the process of researching, designing, building and testing their robots for the National Robotics League competition.
Autodesk’s Design for Industry Competition: Meeting Industry Challenges with Software Tools
Torie Anderson, senior manager, Strategic Partners and Initiatives, at Autodesk, provides an overview of the Design for Industry competition.
ISC STEM Student Day Returns with Updated Program
This year, students who attend ISC STEM Student Day will receive a tutorial on high-performance computing, machine learning and data analytics.
Stratasys Pairs Up with Nonprofit Workshops of Warriors
3D printing technology from Stratasys aims to build foundation at Workshops of Warriors for free, STEM-accredited job retraining initiatives, preparing veterans for careers in manufacturing.
HPCAC and ISC Group Kick off ISC-HPCAC Student Cluster Competition
ISC-HPCAC Student Cluster Competition extends an open call for team entries, inviting international STEM student teams currently enrolled in four-year higher education and undergraduate programs to submit proposals for the 2018 competition.
Intel Awards Morgan State University Grant Funding for STEM Programs
Three-year investment aims to improve retention rates and increase STEM field participation, according to officials.
Diving into STEM Careers via the Foundation for Underwater Research and Education
Student Design Competition Profile: The International Submarine Races.
Education, Innovation & Challenge
Next-Gen Engineers Student Design Competition Profile: Future Engineers.
Democratization and Education
If more people used the latest tools and processes, it could spark new innovations, result in better products and help solve difficult problems in society.
FIRST: Not Just Robots
According to FIRST’s evaluation data, student participants are twice as likely to major in science or engineering.
MathWorks Sponsors Boston STEM Week
The week-long event gave local students the chance to get involved in various STEM projects.
The New Face of STEM
To engage the next generation of engineers, schools need to integrate hands-on curriculums.
Engineering Students Turn the Chevy Camaro into a Hybrid Vehicle
GM looks to the automotive future by sponsoring the EcoCAR 3 competition.
Tata Technologies, Detroit Lions Launch STEM Programs in Two Detroit Schools
The 10-month initiative aims to develop students' interest in STEM careers, as well as literacy and writing skills.
Dassault Systèmes Announces SolidWorks Education Edition 2014-2015
The newest edition of the suite includes teaching guides, robot assembly model libraries and SolidWorks Simulation Premium.

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