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Berkeley Students to Recycle 3D Printing Filament
They are creating a system that grinds up and melts printer plastic to make new spools of filament that can then be re-used in campus' 100+ 3D printers.
The Sensor Swarm Arrives
New design tools and workflows are needed to expand the limits of MEMS design.
3D-Printed Electronics Charge Ahead
Small teams and big companies are developing a wide range of 3D-printed electronics applications.
Engineering Education: Learning the “Black Box”
Professors and employers discuss the role of software in STEM education.

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SIGGRAPH 2022: NVIDIA Bets on USD as the Language of the Metaverse
NVIDIA pushes USD development with partners

Editor’s Pick: Plug-and-play monitoring of 3D print jobs
The software is designed for any 3D printer using the Marlin open source firmware originally created for the RepRap 3D...

Running Large-Scale CFD Fire Simulations on AWS for
By Utilizing AWS, Amazon EU Design and Construction (Amazon) was able to facilitate additional project oversight and faster Computational Fluid...

Bosch Acquires Two SLM 500s
Goal is to supercharge the additive expansion and advance the automotive industry.

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