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HP Revs Up Engineering Workstations
Company also unveils virtual reality headset; extends support products.
Psychic VR Lab’s STYLY Has Integrated Google Poly” API”
Psychic VR Lab Inc. provides a VR creation and distribution service, STYLY.
VRgineers Offers VRHero 5K Plus Headset for Professionals
VRHero 5K Plus Headset is part of a high resolution, enterprise-ready platform in true to life VR imaging.
HP Revs Up Workstation, Unveils VR Products
HP’s updates its end-to-end solution for product development workflows and showcases the offerings at SOLIDWORKS World.
VR-Ready Mobile Workstation Review: PNY PREVAIL PRO 4000
Check out the new virtual reality ready mobile workstations from a familiar name.
CAD UI in Metamorphosis
Desktop-centric CAD user interfaces are transforming to keep up with touch displays and AR-VR gear.
New Intel Core Processors with AMD Radeon RX Vega M Graphics Released
Intel has launched a processor: the 8th-gen Intel Core processor with AMD Radeon RX Vega M Graphics.
Theorem Makes Available Visualization Experience App
Theorem’s launched Visualization Experience app for use on augmented, mixed and virtual reality devices has been designed and developed to be device agnostic.
Editor’s Pick: Simulation Software Suite Updated
BETA CAE Systems releases new edition of its simulation tool sets.
HP Z 3D Camera Empowers Visual Design Experiences for Digital Creatives
Engineering Technologies Still Require the Human Element
Where there are no humans interacting, it is of little use, engineers caution.
Workstation Rips with Threadripper
Latest AMD Ryzen CPU powers new mid-size tower tuned for 3D CAD and simulation.
Accelerate Data Processing
Machine and deep learning applications call for more parallel processing.
MSI WT73VR Workstation Review: A VR-Ready Powerhouse
New MSI WT73VR mobile workstation, according to a review, offers tons of power to go.
Umbra’s New Game is in Architecture and Manufacturing

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