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Editor’s Pick: Simulation Software Suite Updated
BETA CAE Systems releases new edition of its simulation tool sets.
HP Z 3D Camera Empowers Visual Design Experiences for Digital Creatives
Engineering Technologies Still Require the Human Element
Where there are no humans interacting, it is of little use, engineers caution.
Workstation Rips with Threadripper
Latest AMD Ryzen CPU powers new mid-size tower tuned for 3D CAD and simulation.
Accelerate Data Processing
Machine and deep learning applications call for more parallel processing.
MSI WT73VR Workstation Review: A VR-Ready Powerhouse
New MSI WT73VR mobile workstation, according to a review, offers tons of power to go.
Umbra’s New Game is in Architecture and Manufacturing
Virtalis VR Technology Brought to Canada via CAD Microsolutions
Virtalis offers software and hardware solutions to transfer 3D CAD data into a virtual environment.
Design Gets Real
From photorealistic rendering to virtual and augmented reality, design engineers who visualize more realistic products earlier can unlock innovation and efficiency benefits.
Tritec Marine Taps Virtalis Technology to Develop Ships
Tritec Marine is using Virtalis’ new ActiveMove CVR system, which forms a small, turnkey VR solution in a box.
Exploring Virtual Reality in Product Design at the Rave Cave
Visit the Rave Cave to test drive virtual reality hardware and software.
MakeVR Pro Brings CAD-Based Tools to 3D Modeling in VR For HTC VIVE
Vive Studios and Sixense have launched MakeVR Pro, a VR content creation experience.
BETA CAE Systems Releases v18.0.0 of its Software Suite
One highlight of the new software solutions is functionality for meshing and mid-surface extraction.
HP Debuts Virtual Reality Backpack
HP updates its new VR portfolio, which includes a professional wearable VR PC backpack.
Modeling for the Augmented Reality Age
Early virtual and augmented reality developers balance new working paradigms with the mouse-and-keyboard legacy.

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