Cyclone 5.5 Supports Workflows for High-Definition Surveys

Leica scan software enables efficient modeling from ScanStation laser scanner.

Leica scan software enables efficient modeling from ScanStation laser scanner.

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Leica Geosystems(San Ramon, CA) announced the release of Leica Cyclone 5.5 software.Leica says that the latest version lets users take advantage of thetraverse,back-sight, and resection capabilities of its new Leica ScanStationlaser scanner for more cost-effective as-built and topographic surveys.Cyclone 5.5 also lets users create as-built plant models moreefficiently from laser scans.

According to press release on Leica Cyclone, the company’s suite ofsoftware modules enables users to efficiently register, geo-reference,and process rich, as-built point cloud data for project deliverables.Among the new features are Cyclone-SCAN and -REGISTER modules that pacethe survey-grade, dual-axis level compensation capability of the newLeica ScanSation laser scanner. With these new features, LeicaScanStation users can take advantage of resectioning methods fordirect, field geo-referencing of scan data and traversing, includingcalculation of traverse closures. Standard survey-style reports,including error calculations, are generated for both resectioning andtraversing.

The new Leica Cyclone 5.5-supported workflows offer field and officelabor savings, according to Leica. Savings result from placing andsurveying up to two-thirds fewer scan targets and from a reduced needto execute office registration processes, as registration andgeo-referencing can now be done automatically in the field. The newworkflows and software features also shorten a surveyor’s learningcurve as workflows are all standard methods used with everydaysurveying tools.

Leica Cyclone 5.5 also continues to support registration andgeo-referencing based on scan targets, modeled objects, and"cloud-to-cloud” methods. Together with resectioning, back-sighting,and traversing, this set of workflow options provides users withflexibility and cross-checking aids.

Other enhancements include point loading performance for large datasets that has been improved by up to four times and a new Pipe Modelinginterface for processing scans into piping models: Users can now accessa wide range of industry standard, catalog-based piping components(e.g., elbows, tees, valves, reducers, and flanges—welding neck,slip-on, threaded, blind, etc.) from a sharply expanded library.Modeling includes interactive component placement based onfitting-to-fitting, insertion at “pick point,” and placement atspecified positions.

General enhancements include: Elevation Check, which automatically validates data against already knownsurvey point elevation data; Enhanced Registration, which providesvalidation reports with horizontal and vertical values separated tomatch common contract submittal requirements; and “Target Re-checks,” whichtarget height data, and interim registration reports that can all bemanaged more efficiently.

Pricing for Cyclone 5.5 has been maintained the same as for Cyclone5.4, accorinf to Leica. Updates to Leica Cyclone 5.5 are covered by applicable maintenanceagreements for existing customers. For more information, visit

Sources: Press materials received from the company. Additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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