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The December issue features our annual Technology Outlook survey, as well as simulation democratization, the future of smart cities, digital twins, and a review of the MSI WS66 10TMT-207 mobile workstation.


Learn how GPU acceleration, provided by the NVIDIA® Quadro® RTX™ line of professional graphics boards, is...
Bringing the 3D printing process in-house is an effective way of optimizing the product development workflow;...

Pollution and fuel consumption are the most important features of thermal engines that must be drastically...
This guide provides expert recommendations for implementing DME in your organization.

Product Reviews

Dell Precision 5750: The Smallest 17-in. Workstation
Dell Precision 5750: The Smallest 17-in. Workstation
Dell’s new Precision mobile system is small but pricey.
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Dell Precision 5550: Thin, Fast and Pricey
Dell Precision 5550: Thin, Fast and Pricey
Dell recently announced a couple of new mobile workstations in its Precision line—the 5550 and 5570—offering the portability of a laptop and the processing power of a desktop PC. The Precision 5550 is reportedly the world’s smallest 15-in. mobile workstation, according to Dell. Read the full review.
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Special Features

Editor’s Pick: New Simulation Software Tackles Sintering in Additive Manufacturing
Desktop Metal says use of the new software largely eliminates the need for physical trial and error, and makes possible using binder jet sintering on challenging geometries. 
Editor’s Pick: Software platform made for fast additive manufacturing build prep
HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite is an OEM- and process-agnostic tool and is said to be supported by many vendors.
Editor’s Pick: CPU Replete With 64 Cores
The company says this newest Threadripper is equipped with abundant storage and memory capacity, and vast expansion capabilities.
Free HPC Cluster Benchmarking
The use of an HPC Cluster Appliance can reduce the cost to deploy an on-premise cluster and help improve engineering productivity.
Editor’s Pick: A comprehensive toolset for electronics design and testing 
Keysight Technologies PathWave suite update includes five new modules to help engineers remove computational limitations that traditionally make electronics design more complex.