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AMD President Peng Set to Retire

NVIDIA AI Foundry Builds Custom Llama 3.1 Generative AI Models

Digital Twin Consortium Members Deploy Multi-Agent Gen AI Systems

Quickparts Launches Online Tool for Volume Manufacturing

Desktop Metal Sells its First PureSinter Furnace to AmPd Labs

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In the June issue of Digital Engineering, learn about generative design applications and hardware requirements, what is new in AutoCAD 2025, simulation interoperability, digital twins, and hybrid manufacturing.


In this Special Digital Issue, we look at how AI is being incorporated into simulation and...
Learn how upgrading to the latest generation of professional workstations can provide a return on investment...

This new research report explores how companies are using HPC and simulation on the cloud.
Learn how a unified approach to design and multidisciplinary simulation combined with HPC can accelerate electric...

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What’s New in AutoCAD 2025
What’s New in AutoCAD 2025
Even more AI tools are added to the latest release of AutoCAD.
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Another Winner Delivered: Velocity Micro ProMagix HD80
Another Winner Delivered: Velocity Micro ProMagix HD80
The new Velocity Micro ProMagix HD80 workstation sets performance records.
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More about Velocity Micro

DE Glossary

Featured Glossary Term: Meshing
In engineering, meshing refers to using computer software to generate polygons or polyhedrals that connect in a series of lines and points to approximates a digital model's geometry. Meshing is often performed in order to divide the model into cells in order to conduct a simulation analysis or render a digital model.
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Special Features

New & Noteworthy: Fast, Flexible and Scalable Simulation – In the Cloud
Ansys Access on Microsoft Azure enables seamless deployment of industry-leading simulation tools on a reliable, secure cloud platform infrastructure.
New & Noteworthy: Safe, Cost-Effective Metal 3D Printing - Anywhere
Desktop Metal’s Studio System offers turnkey metal printing for prototypes and batch manufacturing.
New & Noteworthy: Direct Neutronics Analysis on CAD
Coreform Cubit 2023.11 workflows enable neutronics directly on CAD for next-generation nuclear energy solutions.
New & Noteworthy Product Introduction: Enterprise VR Headset
Lenovo ThinkReality VRX has an immersive display works with virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications. 
New & Noteworthy: Fast Access to Advanced MCAD
The company says Value-Based Licensing is a flexible and cost-effective alternative to purchasing any or all of these Solid Edge add-ons.
New & Noteworthy: Power and Portability
Origin PC NS-14 thin-and-light workstation includes the latest CPU and graphics processing unit (GPU) offerings from Intel and NVIDIA.