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Metal Additive Manufacturing Market Heats Up
From new cold spray deposition methods to innovations in extrusion processes, advances in metal additive manufacturing address long-standing limitations related to cost, safety and time to print.
3D Systems Debuts Solution for Investment Casting Wax Patterns
ProJet MJP 2500 IC eliminates the cost and time of tooling and storage with 3D printed wax patterns that can be used in existing foundry casting processes, according to 3D Systems. This enables affordable design iterations and improved design functionality for...
Digital Metal Launches No-hand Production Concept for 3D Metal Printing
The majority of Digital Metal's 3d printing production process steps will be handled by a robot, which will eliminate most manual work, thus increasing productivity.
Material Matters in Rendering
3D printing applications push rendering developers to match new material properties.
3DGence DOUBLE P255 Dual Extruder 3D Printer Now Available
The 3D printing device is designed to create prints with great detail, according to 3DGence
EOS Unveils M 300 Series for Industrial AM Production
Configurable and scalable architecture offers metal 3D printing flexibility and customization.
Editor’s Pick: Metal Additive Manufacturing System is Configurable and Scalable
EOS expands its DMLS additive manufacturing systems lineup.
Metals 3D Printing: The Next Chapter in the Digital Industrial Revolution
A look at the importance of metals 3D printing on Manufacturing Day 2018.
Debuting the M300 Plus, Zortrax’s new 3D printer
The large workspace enables the device to print prototypes of engines, for example. With a proper platform that can accommodate multiple models, it is also suitable for short-series production.
Nano Dimension Boosts Position in Defense Sector
Nano Dimension sells two additional additive manufacturing systems to U.S. Armed Forces.
Optomec Unveils Larger/More Powerful LENS System and Intriguing Magnesium Application
The LENS 860 system, with its AM or hybrid AM/CNC metal versions, brings new industrial power; an existing version has already supported developments in dissolvable implant design.
NCDMM Launches V4 Institute
The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining 's V4 Institute provides advanced assurance in product design and manufacturing through virtual verification, validation and visualization.
Understanding MicroCT for Additive Manufacturing
MicroCT systems employ either a fan-beam or cone-beam approach to transmit X-rays through a part. Data from either type of scanner is collected at a planar detector and then processed to create 3D volume reconstructions, which can be analyzed and...
Faurecia, Automotive Parts Supplier, Selects Zortrax 3D Printers
Faurecia is a large suppliers of seats, interiors systems and clean mobility solutions. As it seeks to optimize its production and R&D capabilities, Faurecia is looking to Zortrax's 3D printing solutions.
Union Tech Opens Stereolithography Demo Center in Chicago Area
The Union Tech center provides 3D printer evaluators with year-round hands-on access to equipment and application know-how.
Ultimaker Launches Third-Party Industrial Material Options
Material profiles for DSM Novamid: properties similar to injection molding enabled by 10% carbon fiber; material profiles for Owens Corning XSTRAND filaments: strong mechanical and thermal properties enabled by glass-fiber reinforcement; and new Ultimaker print core CC Red 0.6: 3D printing with...

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3D Systems Debuts Solution for Investment Casting Wax Patterns
ProJet MJP 2500 IC eliminates the cost and time of tooling and storage with 3D...

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