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ASSESS Initiative

1482 The Orchard Rd
Clarkesville, Georgia, 30309
United States of America

The demand for software tools for Engineering Simulation* are exploding to support the demand for increased competitiveness and to deal with the rapidly growing complexity of products, processes, and systems. At the same time, we are struggling to keep up with our current demand for experts who are able to use these tools effectively. Since these sophisticated tools are extremely complex and limited to use by highly specialized experts, the actual growth in usage and benefit of these technologies is directly related to the available expertise. This has resulted in an inability to meet the rapidly growing demand for a higher reliance on more realistic virtual Engineering Simulations.

ASSESS Initiative in the News

ASSESS Summit provides an overview of the expanding use of simulation, and what the future might hold.

The March 4-6 conference reveals speaker lineup.

Top-level figures in industry, government and academia will come together at next year's summit in Georgia.

Taking a look back at this year’s NAFEMS World Congress meeting highlights.

Based on the discussions at the ASSESS conference, there will be a lot to talk about for the next several years.

How hardware access, ease of use and user adoption affect upfront use of simulation.

Simulation industry initiative provides updates on market conditions, use cases, and begins work on simulation for autonomous systems.

The 8th ASSESS Annual Congress in Atlanta to invite attendees to help shape the future of engineering simulation.

The groups are seeking input to know what interested parties think about ASSESS activities, as well as the future direction of the initiative.

In the opening introductions of the NRC22 conference in Indianapolis, NAFEMS announces the acquisition of ASSESS Initiatives.

Designers discover and learn generative design on YouTube; find AM to be complementary.

Dr. Palmer’s keynote presentation’s title is “The Role of Computer Modelling and Simulation of Digital Transformation in Healthcare.”

Peterson was the driving force behind the MBSE transformation at INCOSE.

Dr. Palmer’s keynote presentation’s title is “The Role of Computer Modelling and Simulation of Digital Transformation in Healthcare.”

 The Complete ASSESS sponsorship includes sponsorship for the ASSESS webinars, the upcoming ASSESS 2022 Congress , and for general ASSESS Initiative activities.

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