EMA Releases PCB Clustering for OrCAD

PCB Clustering for OrCAD resides directly in the OrCAD PCB Editor canvas.

EMA Design Automation has released PCB Clustering for OrCAD.

“PCB Clustering for OrCAD provides AutoClustering technology, intelligent design (IP) reuse, and replication technology that can significantly reduce board placement time,” says Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA.

It resides directly in the OrCAD PCB Editor canvas. Related components are typically grouped together in the schematic. PCB Clustering can leverage this information to auto-generate tiled placement clusters. These clusters can be based on hierarchy, pages, reference designator prefixes/suffixes and/or ROOM properties defined in the schematic. This allows designers to get a quick logical grouping in the physical realm, enabling faster placement.

Once you have defined your clusters, PCB Clustering can automatically replicate that configuration using its matching algorithm by finding other like circuits in the design. This bottom-up approach allows for partial match configurations and works regardless of component orientation. Clusters can be saved for reuse as a template that contains net topology, placement information and etch. Templates can be referenced and used in current and subsequent designs. Creating a library of templates allows the design team to raise their level of abstraction by focusing on placement by template (group of components) as opposed to one part at a time.

“PCB Clustering for OrCAD adds scalability to the core OrCAD toolset,” says Marcano. “Scalability options allow different companies and industries to manage their costs versus their time-to-market challenges, and in this way we are responding to our customers’ dynamic and demanding needs.”

EMA PCB Clustering for OrCAD is available now and priced for the OrCAD Market at $1,495 for a one-year subscription, with an introductory price of $995.

For more information, visit the PCB Clustering for OrCAD page.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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