Fully Automatic Gauss Rifle In Action

One more reason never to make a talented engineer angry: they can build impressive weaponry. Take, for instance, this fully automatic coil gun created by designer Jason Murray of Delta-V Engineering.

The gun uses electromagnetic coils to launch its projectiles/bullets, the magnetism generated by the coils pulls the bullets forward through the barrel. Infrared sensors turn the coils on and off. It is essentially a much more advanced version of the Gauss Rifle, a magnet-driven science project that middle schoolers have been using to launch steel marbles for years.

According to Murray’s website, Delta-V makes “concepts from science fiction become reality.” His Gauss Machine Gun can fire 7.7 rounds per second. You can read more about the design here, where Murray explains some of the challenges of powering the gun. (He uses Lithium Polymer batteries in the current design.)

He also built a portable 1.25kJ coil gun.

You can see the Gauss Machine Gun destroy a laptop and some cans in the video below. And be sure to stick with it for the post-credits birthday cake mutilation.

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