Inkbit Launches TEPU 50A Elastomer 3D Printing Material

Material offers UV stability and chemical resistance, Inkbit says.

Material offers UV stability and chemical resistance, Inkbit says.

TEPU 50A Sheath Grommet. Image courtesy of Inkbit.

Inkbit has unveiled its TEPU 50A elastomer at Formnext 2023. This new material is a thiol-ene polyurethane-based elastomer characterized by its Shore 50A durometer—a measure of the material’s hardness—and is designed to meet precision needs of intricate components with a low compression set, UV stability, and chemical compatibility, the company reports.

“TEPU 50A is our answer to the market’s call for a versatile, midrange hardness elastomer that doesn’t compromise on detail or durability,” an Inkbit spokesperson says. The TEPU 50A has surface finish and elasticity, making it suitable for detailed geometries.

TEPU 30A, the new TEPU 50A complements Inkbit’s Vista ecosystem, offering a solution for applications that necessitate a medium-soft material with optimal sealing and compression characteristics. It presents an alternative for the prototyping or replacement of soft rubber parts, silicones and molded TPUs. The potential uses span across applications such as grommets, window and door seals, soft grippers, and gaskets, highlighting its adaptability in creating soft elastic components.

TEPU 50A is specifically engineered to surpass limitations of traditional molded or cast silicones and rubbers, offering an advanced solution for manufacturers in the automotive and various industrial sectors.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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