Nexa3D Announces Availability of xWASH Smart Washer

This completes Nexa3D’s E2E suite of ultrafast polymer production.

This completes Nexa3D’s E2E suite of ultrafast polymer production.

xWash sustainable washer. Image courtesy of Business Wire.

Nexa3D, maker of polymer 3D printers,makes available xWASH, a new automated washer that works exclusively with its sustainable xCLEAN washing detergent to help manufacturers streamline, optimize and scale their 3D printing and post-processing operations. The new xWash is a fully automated, smart cleaning washer that is designed to readily accept a full build plate from the company’s flagship NXE400 3D printer at volumes of up to 16 liters per print job.

Customers using xWASH can experience post-processing cost reductions and realize orders of magnitude throughput gains by producing consistent quality parts.

“Our new xWASH matches the build volumes and process requirements of our ultrafast NXE400 3D printer, giving manufacturers repeatable and consistent control of their washing cycles,” explains Kevin McAlea, COO at Nexa3D. “It also represents the final step in our end-to-end validated workflow, completing our suite of ultrafast photoplastic production system.”

Accessing an end-to-end post-processing solution allows manufacturers to scale their additive manufacturing economically, leveraging automation and validated workflows that result in higher production yields and consistent quality. To provide washing flexibility, xWASH is equipped with bidirectional agitation and variable speeds, helping the user achieve efficient and consistent cleaning for various different parts.

The new xWASH features an adjustable cleaning cycle and saturation timers, complete with preprogrammed cleaning recipes, meaning the user can optimize the cleaning cycle based on geometry and resin type. To facilitate maximum throughput, the xWASH can accept two NXE400 build plates simultaneously and it comes standard with a basket option for smaller loose parts.

“The arrival of the xWASH underscores our commitment to circular economy principles by minimizing process waste—it is optimized for our eco-friendly xCLEAN detergent, which lasts three times longer than isopropyl alcohol and produces less waste,” says Brent Zollinger, head of customer success for Nexa3D. “By leveraging the benefits of sustainable materials like this, our integrated washing solution empowers manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint like never before.”

Other features of the xWASH include a touch screen user interface that makes it easy for operators to program wash cycles durations and control the speed and direction of water agitation. Operators can also automatically raise and lower the Z-axis that includes a built-in secondary lid to extends the life and reduces potential evaporation of the xCLEAN detergent.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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