Online Materials Database Expands Aluminium Range

Design engineers and product designers can now find an increased range of aluminium on the Matmatch platform, alongside the 80,000 other materials available.

Matmatch has partnered up with Ukrainian-based Braz Line to help promote its aluminium products and expertise globally. Design engineers and product designers can now find an increased range of aluminium on the Matmatch platform, alongside the 80,000 other materials available.

Aluminium is one of the most popular products on Matmatch’s database, which allows design engineers and product designers to search a wide range of materials by their desired property or area of application. The addition of Braz Line to the platform means that designers and engineers now have a greater choice of aluminium alloys for their product.

“By once again extending the range of materials offered in the Matmatch online database, we’re making it much easier for design engineers and product designers to quickly find the material they need,” explains Melissa Albeck, CEO of Matmatch. “Previously, designers had to go through pages of catalogues to find the right product, or only use suppliers that they knew about. While Braz Line is extremely well known in the Ukraine, engineers and designers in other countries across Europe may not be aware of the products and services they offer, so Matmatch users now have a greater choice when selecting materials.”

Braz Line is part of the Alumeta Group, a supplier of aluminium goods. Although Braz Line offers a range of aluminium profiles and finished goods, the materials featured on Matmatch are those of sister company Braz. The wide range of aluminium offered by Braz means that their materials can be used in a variety of applications.

Braz Line is a manufacturer of finished aluminium goods such as aluminium interior profiles. The company offers its expertise to Matmatch customers who may have found the right material, but do not have the skills in house to manage the production process.Braz Line can also advise design engineers who are unsure on the best material from the range for their specific application.

“Customer service is important to us,” explains Iryna Ovdienko, deputy head of tender department at Braz Line. “As such, we wanted to extend our reach across Europe using a tool that would act as the first point of contact for a new audience. As the Matmatch search engine is used by engineers and designers across the world, it’s strategically very important for us to be included in the database. It means that we can be found by customers that we would not normally be able reach, so we can build this relationship and supply them with the right materials for their needs.”

For more info about Braz Line’s materials on the Matmatch database, click here.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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