Pick of the Week: SpaceClaim Engineer 2012+ Released

New tools for designers, engineers and manufacturers. Interoperability capabilities also extended.

New tools for designers, engineers and manufacturers. Interoperability capabilities also extended.

By Anthony J. Lockwood

SpaceClaim Corp. (Concord, MA) has released SpaceClaim Engineer 2012+, its flagship 3D direct modeling system for engineering, design, and manufacturing. This release is said to introduce “significant” new capabilities for manufacturing,  simulation, concept development, and mesh remodeling. Additionally, SpaceClaim Engineer 2012+ further extends its interoperability with ANSYS, Microsoft SharePoint, and mainstream CAM applications.

SpaceClaim 2012+ includes new mesh remodeling capabilities, such as the ability to compare a solid to a scan. The company says that this technology is useful for re-creating models from scan and STL data, as well as comparing scans of produced parts to as-designed parts. Image courtesy of SpaceClaim Corp.

Version 2012+, says SpaceClaim, offers performance improvements when editing parts that contain many internal holes, noting in particular the software’s new radial move capabilities for editing of radial patterns. According to the company, in an assembly containing a hole pattern with bolts, moving the location of the holes radially, along with each instance of a bolt, now requires just a single selection.

Modeling enhancements include local slicing to minimize the amount of the model that is affected by a split operation. The Move tool can now be driven by Cartesian (XYZ) coordinate entry, and mass properties may be calculated for sketches.

When remodeling parts from a mesh, SpaceClaim 2012+ automatically fits curves through any arbitrary cross section, fitting lines, arcs, and splines to the desired level of granularity. Image courtesy of SpaceClaim Corp.

New tools for working with mesh and STL data include the ability to compare a mesh to a solid. Section curve fitting, plane and cylinder fitting, and mesh splitting are said to be improved, as are selection and coloring. Planes can now be created in the window view pane. To create curves through a mesh, SpaceClaim 2012+ can automatically fit curves through any arbitrary cross section, which enables lines, arcs, and splines to be fit as the user wants with the level of granularity needed.

For manufacturing users, SpaceClaim 2012+ offers new annotation types such as weld symbols and semantic datum symbols. The software now offers what the company describes as “machinist-friendly measuring and positioning” as well as broken and broken out section views. Sheet metal features now offer formed bends, the ability to create walls in a different direction simultaneously, additional miter options,  and support for long joggles. SpaceClaim 2012+ now also connects with DP Technology’s Esprit and CNC Software’s Mastercam CAM solutions directly.

With Version 2012+ Microsoft SharePoint is supported directly from the SpaceClaim user interface, extending the functionality of the company’s complimentary built-in PDM (product data management) system announced in July. Interoperability with ANSYS now includes the ability to explode groups into multiple groups. Enclosed faces now update associatively.

SpaceClaim 2012+ has been enhanced so that one selection is all that’s needed to move the location of holes radially, along with each instance of a bolt. Image courtesy of SpaceClaim Corp.

The user interface in SpaceClaim Engineer 2012+ has been enhanced as well, says the company. Existing users will note that Sketch guides are now at the bottom of the graphics window and the Tool guides now display on the left side of the graphics window. Additionally, version 2012+ introduces more options to control zoom and spin settings. Tooltips now provide context-sensitive help on SpaceClaim settings.

In a related statement, SpaceClaim announced the production release of version 10 of its SpaceClaim API (applications programming interface). Features include mesh support, animation handlers, custom window support, the ability to replace panels, asynchronous threading to update custom objects in the background, and the ability to add custom items to the structure tree.

SpaceClaim Engineer 2012+, says the company, loads geometry approximately 30% faster than earlier versions. It has been certified for Windows 8, and it is now offered in 12 different languages. SpaceClaim Engineer 2012+ is available immediately. For complete details, visit SpaceClaim Corp.

Watch the SpaceClaim 2012+ overview video.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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