Rave Computer Resolves New Design Engineering Challenges

High-performance computing power for digital workflows.

Sponsored ContentBy Mike LaJoice, commercial business unit manager at Rave Computer

Design engineers are up against new challenges, and Rave Computer is ready to help. Modeling a design in its real-life behavior is now a common expectation. Physical characteristics and photorealistic results give the customer an interactive real-world result. This evolution has been expedited by advancements in software vendors’ products that provide tools to quickly move from design concept to product manufacturing with fewer people and greater digital quality. Digital design with realistic rendering reduces the need for multiple physical prototypes, saving both time and money.

Rave Computer

Optimized Hardware

Advances in engineering design and simulation software have put a strain on computer hardware, IT infrastructure and IT overhead. At Rave Computer, we work directly with the software vendors to provide computer hardware that is optimized for their software requirements.

Rave Computer brings high-performance computing power to your desktop with the Beast product line. Putting power at the fingertips of engineers improves their productivity, reduces traffic to offsite clusters, and minimizes IT overhead as they support simpler desktop workstations instead of complicated computers in server rooms. When the addition of cluster computing is needed, Rave Computer complements its high-performance workstations by delivering condensed, optimized, high-performance racked systems that can be portable and installed in engineering rooms or racked into existing server rooms.

Rave Computer has been delivering high-performance, whisper quiet, semi-rugged computer solutions to the Defense and Commercial industries since 1988. Rave Solution Architects are onsite at engineering and design facilities, working through technology issues to ensure that we are always developing and delivering current and advanced technologies to the industry. Sales, Product Develop, Warehouse and Product Build are all housed in the same 35,000 sq. ft. facility, allowing for efficient transfer of new product ideas through production to the customer.

About Rave Computer

Founded in 1988, Rave Computer is a technology consultant and computer manufacturer providing commercial-off-the-shelf and custom engineered solutions optimized for specific customer requirements. Driven by a focus on long-term relationships with customers, Rave continues to grow in recognition throughout the Defense, Simulation and Training, Commercial, High-Performance Computing and OEM/Custom Hardware markets.

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