Round Lunar Pod Deemed Viable

Northrup Grumman has evaluated Golden Spike Company’s plans of a lunar landing pod, and determined the design is “viable.”

Golden Spike, founded by former NASA employees, plans to offer commercial moon flights to governments for $750 million a pop, using the “Pumpkin” pod, along with other technologies.

Grumman’s study reviewed level-one requirements; established propulsion requirements for lunar orbit loiter, descent, ascent to low lunar orbit, and rendezvous with a crew vehicle; developed current and stretch factors to reflect the improvement in relevant technologies since the last lunar missions; evaluated 180 lunar lander cases; and established a “pragmatic” design trade space for more detailed analysis and development.

The company plans to use existing rockets and other technologies to enable the moon trips, which could also be sold to (extremely wealthy) individuals and private organizations.

Source: Northrop Grumman

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