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Toyota Shows i-Road Concept Vehicle

Concept cars are a fun part of the automotive industry. These vehicles showcase potential and ingenuity rather than more sober projects you’d expect to see on the road the following year. I don’t think anyone really expects Toyota to produce a car with an LED exterior, but it’s still interesting to see engineering ideas pushed to the edge.

Toyota’s i-Road concept vehicle was on display at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and provided a glimpse into the possibility of future designs. The vehicle runs on three wheels, with room for two passengers seated one behind the other in the same manner as a motorcycle. It’s fully electric with a lithium ion battery, and is fully enclosed, making it feasible for urban travel even in inclement weather.

Toyota i-Road

With a range of 30 miles, you won’t be going far in the i-Road, but concept vehicles frequently have some sort of limitation that would need to be overcome before it could become a marketable product. The vehicle steers similarly to a motorcycle, except that the i-Road auto-leans as the driver steers, possibly reducing the operational learning curve.

Below you’ll find a short video about the i-Road.

Source: Engadget

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