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Monica Schnitger is the founder, president and principal analyst of Schnitger Corporation. She has developed industry forecasts, market models and market statistics for the CAD/CAM,CAE, PLM, GIS, infrastructure and architectural / engineering / construction and plant design software markets since 1999.

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  • Pros and Cons of CAE in the Cloud
    Using a flexible cloud lets us match capability to the needs of the user.
  • Machines Learn Differently
    This commentary gets practical about one set of AI technologies that’s just about ready for broader adoption: machine learning (ML).
  • Shift Left to Get Ready for AI
    When a project shifts left, it involves other resources much earlier in the project, to test the user experience, functionality, connection to other apps and everything else that encompasses making that piece of software hum.
  • Stitching Together the Digital Thread
    A digital thread is the communication framework that connects and integrates product data throughout its lifecycle, and across functional perspectives. It’s the next-gen of “right information, at the right time, to the right person.”
  • So, You’ve Started Simulating—Now What?
    The first step is doing the simulations and storing as much about them as you can; automation and consistency are add-on benefits that you shouldn’t overlook
  • A Legacy of Connected Equipment
    The IoT is a new world of connected equipment and data flows, which means that good ideas will come from unexpected sources.
  • Optimize Early and Often
    Multidisciplinary optimization (MDO) technology is improving quickly, becoming more user friendly with every release, but it’s still far from easy to set up a study as complex as this one.
  • CMMs: A Machining Accuracy Possibility
    Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are devices that use physical contact or, increasingly, laser scanners or other touchless techniques, to precisely create a digital map of the outside of an object.
  • Stand Behind STEM/STEAM Programming
    STEM projects build on the natural curiosity of children while teaching the scientific method, engineering, physics and biology, and let kids try on careers at an early age.
  • Consultant’s Corner: Time for a Service Bureau Consult?
    Make use of the experience of others in order to make the right choice for your business.
  • A Look at Lightweighting
    If we’re so concerned with weight, why don’t we just make everything out of carbon fiber? Or aluminum?
  • Simulation-Led Design Changes Everything
    When simulation leads the design process, designers or analysts work with early stage concepts in a sandbox-like environment.
  • Managing CAE from Black Box to Full Fidelity
    How can you make the most of simulation data?
  • Design Considerations for Injection Molding
    The mold is often the biggest investment in the manufacturing process for plastic parts.
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