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Acceleware Ltd.

435 - 10th Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta, T2G 0W3

Acceleware is a provider of transformative clean tech enhanced oil recovery technology that was founded in 2004 by applied computational electrodynamics and radio frequency expert Dr. Michal Okoniewski, and three colleagues. The company's newest product, RF XL, is a thermal enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technology that has been under development for over 10 years. During that time, the company has undertaken extensive simulation studies, lab and bench scale testing, and completed a successful 1/20 scale field test. 

In 2016, Acceleware announced a partnership with GE Global Research to develop, prototype, test and commercialize electronics for RF XL. 

Its high-performance computing solutions support companies in the electronics, medical and energy industries. Acceleware's innovations include high-performance electromagnetic (EM) modeling software and pioneering the use of a graphics processing unit (GPU) as a computational platform.