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Desktop Metal

63 Third Avenue
Burlington, Massachusetts, 01803
United States of America
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Desktop Metal was started to address a problem—how to make metal 3D printing accessible for engineering teams. In 2013, CEO Ric Fulop began collaborating with world-leading experts in materials science, engineering, and 3D printing. Their work together over the course of two years drew multiple independent inventions together to form the basis for Desktop Metal’s technology.

Desktop Metal in the News

Plans include facility closures and a 15% cut in workforce, according to company release.

Order calls for binder jet systems for mass production of automotive components.

Contract is to develop, test and manufacture various 3D printed healthcare products with a new FreeFoam material.

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With the Desktop Metal Live Sinter upgrade, the goal is to create 3D printed metal parts for high-volume production.

The technology Figur G15 is reportedly capable of shaping standard sheet metal on demand directly from a digital design file.

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Live Sinter’s multiphysics simulation and compensation software delivers sinter-ready, printable geometries that maintain tight shape and dimensional tolerances.

In addition to expanded partnership, Desktop Metal qualifies two Loctite materials on Xtreme 8K, a large DLP 3D printer.

The Studio System offers eight materials for the metal extrusion 3D printing system.

To plan for a smooth transition, Haley intends to remain in his current role through the earlier of December 31, 2022 or the date a new CFO begins employment.

A new CNC + AM co-marketing campaign will showcase how Desktop Metal’s AM 2.0 technology complements SolidCAM’s software and machining solutions.

One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.

Desktop Metal FreeFoam enables heat-activated 3D printing of foam parts.

Desktop Metal now offers comprehensive solutions for jewelry and luxury goods manufacturers, from 3D printed models for lost-wax casting to direct 3D printing of precious metals, company reports.

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