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19 Bartlett Street
Marlborough, Massachusetts, 01752
United States of America

HBM’s product range covers sensors, transducers, strain gauges, amplifiers and data acquisition systems as well as software for structural durability investigations, tests and analysis. The potential fields of application can be found in every branch of engineering and industry in both virtual and physical test and measurement.

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Look for  improvements in functionality and performance in latest release.

The emergence of composites and new material options lead engineers to rely on new testing methods and simulation.

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Simulation industry experts discuss the challenges faced by organization who want to advance the democratization of simulation.

nCode 2018 from HBM Prenscia introduces WholeLife, a new product option in DesignLife that offers a unified approach for modeling fatigue over the entire lifetime of a component through an integrated combination of crack initiation and crack growth.

HBM Prenscia has released version 13.1 release of nCode DesignLife, GlyphWorks and VibeSys, aiming to improve its suite of software for finite element-based fatigue analysis.

One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.

The Somat eDAQXR system offers eDAQ a simple migration path to the upgraded eDAQXR hardware and software tool, the company reports.

One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.

With Aqira, engineers can manage analysis processes and share them via a web portal.

The T12HP digital torque transducer supports dynamic measurements in the test stand.

Service providers offer some tips and tricks on how to pair the design and test workflow.

This version offers improvements in functionality and performance for nCode DesignLife, nCode GlyphWorks and nCode VibeSys.

You can attend the Aqira roll-out event with live demonstrations either in person or via live stream.

The platform combines access to nCode and ReliaSoft.

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