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Tech Soft 3D

1567 Southwest Chandler Avenue
Bend, Oregon, 97702
United States of America

Tech Soft 3D has helped hundreds of software companies like yours build successful desktop, mobile and web applications. By partnering with Tech Soft 3D, you will be able to swiftly respond to market opportunities and new competitive threats, putting you in the best position to innovate and succeed.

Tech Soft 3D in the News

The CEETRON solutions enables software engineers to accelerate CAE application development at every stage of the process.

Purchase enhances the company's visualization portfolio of software development kits.

Developers in industrial markets will experience a full day of demos, product trainings and discussions about HOOPS SDKs.

MultiCAD import capability delivers fivefold increase in CAD format support for industrial 3D modeling software.

One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.

Software development toolkits deliver data access and 3D rendering capabilities, while continuing to address CAD format support, scalability and user experience issues.

Eurostep brings 3D data access and visualization to its flagship solution, with aim to simplify global manufacturing processes.

Proplanner and Tech Soft 3D work together to solve data management challenge for manufacturers.

One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.

HOOPS SDK developer offers online resource center

HOOPS Summit Brings Out VR Developers, ANSYS-Autodesk Partner to Cater to Automotive, New Large-Format 3D Printer, More

News from NVIDIA, TechSoft's HOOPS 2019 and Epic Games in this edition of DE's video roundup.

SDK enables conversion of 3D PDF documents into HTML while maintaining the PDF’s layout, interactivity, data and behavior.

Voice command, hand gesture, texture mimicry and other advances bring a greater touch of naturalism to AR-VR.

PTC acquires generative design software maker Frustum, TechSoft adds AR-VR support to HOOPS SDK, HP partners with Autodesk for 3D printing workflow, hybrid Centaur-like robot from Bostondynamics and Youbionic

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