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A New Way to Manufacture
Online portals are quickly becoming the industry standard for parts. Here's a look at the benefits and when to bring in specialists.
Editor’s Picks: April 19-25, 2018
One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.
3D Platform Collaborating with Fused Filament Fabrication Producers
3DP plans to work with other equipment and filament manufacturers to develop standards around the larger materials.
Transforming Ankle Foot Orthosis with 3D Printing
With the help of large-format 3D printing technology via 3D Platform and research conducted by students at Gonzaga University, patients may soon be able to count on 3D printed orthotics that are affordable and produced in a timely fashion.
3D Platform Launches WorkTable Large Format Printer
Company introduces a large-format, industrial-strength 3D printer for smaller businesses, schools and entry-level designers.
3D Platform HFA Extruders Deliver 3D Prints, Faster
3D Platform Introduces filament extruders with continuous duty cycles and maximum print speed.
3D Platform Enhances Workbench Pro 3D Printer
3D Platform's newest WorkbenchPro, a large-format industrial-strength 3D printer, is replete with new features.

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