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Cluster Computing

Matrox Announces Multiple Graphics eXpansion Module Support to Drive More Displays
Connect two Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go units to create a four- or six-monitor workspace.
Toolkits Like MATLAB Enable Parallel Programming
The parallel programming toolkit enables engineering code to effectively use whatever processors and cores are available.
Océ Arizona 350 XT Printer and PlotWave 300 System Receive 2009 BERTL’s Best Award
Printers win innovation and eco-friendly awards. Releases a Noise-Free Rack PC Server with Single or Dual Systems Configuration
The Model SR-2625F fanless rack server uses Intel Penryn Core 2 Duo mobile procesors.
Editor’s Pick: Clusters Optimized for CAE
HPC solutions are Intel Cluster ready and preconfigured for ANSYS analyses.
Clusters Optimized for CAE
HPC solutions are Intel Cluster ready and preconfigured for ANSYS analyses.
Fast App: Appro Assists Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with New Cluster Designed for Extreme-Scale Visualization
The Appro Hyper cluster provides high-speed file system connections, a memory-rich environment, and sufficient I/O to support interactive exploration and visualization of large data sets.
Check it Out: Microway Whitepaper
COMSOL to Offer Free Cluster Support for Multiphysics Simulations with Windows HPC Server
Users with floating network licenses can run simulations on any number of cluster nodes without additional fees.
Microsoft Broadens Supercomputing Reach through New Offerings
Betas of Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 and distributed Microsoft Office Excel 2010 for the cluster available for download.
MATLAB Moves into the Parallel Domain
Today's increasingly complex problems require multicore machines and clusters and a real need for robust parallel languages.
Editor’s Pick: Base Pricing for Entry-Level Supercomputer Starts at Less Than $12k
Cray expands its HPC offerings for more engineers and scientists with lower cost supercomputer.
Scaling Beyond the Desktop with MATLAB
Parallel MATLAB apps make programming simple and portable.
CFdesign + HPC = Performance Leap
Cornell Pump optimizes its software on R Systems' high-performance computing environment.
Amazon Web Services Announce Cluster GPU Instances
Delivers graphics processing unit computing in the cloud.

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