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Seebo Virtualized Environment Accelerates a Path to IoT Products  
Seebo bills itself as an end-to-end platform that makes it easier to design and prototype IoT devices, initially targeting consumer products, but more recently expanding into the industrial sector.

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Interoperability Issues Fade as Cloud-Hosted Collaboration Shines
Formats and conversions become irrelevant in the new workflow.

Essentium Launches On-Demand AM Service Offering
Essentium Parts On Demand (EPOD) gives access to innovative additive manufacturing technologies to boost speed, scale and cost-efficiency for parts...

ARRIS Unveils Structural Flax Fiber Composites
Flax has

Redwire Wins NASA Contract to Advance In-Space Manufacturing Capability
Money designated for completion of the design of FabLab, a new in-space manufacturing system.

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