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Self-Driving Cars Test Traditional Procedures
Current physical and virtual test and simulation methods can’t cover all of the possible scenarios for autonomous vehicles, opening the door to safety gaps.
Fed Gives Green Light to Driverless Cars
The mandate called on the states to come up with a uniform set of policies.
Driving While Blind: The Challenges of Human-Robot Interaction
First self-driving car fatality shines spotlight on the gap between robotic capabilities and perceptions.
CeBIT Keynoter Focuses on Securing the ‘Things’ in IoT
Lessons learned from hacking the Tesla Model S are applied.
University of Vienna Updates VASP
The atomic-level simulation software now supports GPU acceleration.
Tesla Announces Powerwall
The device gathers solar energy to power homes 24 hours a day.
Engineering Gadgets and Gifts
A lighthearted look at some impressive feats of engineering for this holiday season.
Fuel Cell Vehicles Arrive Next Year
Tesla Model S Sets Vehicle Safety Record
San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 Minutes on the Hyperloop
Tesla Talks Battery Swap Station

Latest News

ModuleWorks Acquires Celeritive Technologies
Both Celeritive and ModuleWorks have been strategic partners to many manufacturing organizations for many years.

Another Winner Delivered: Velocity Micro ProMagix HD80
The new Velocity Micro ProMagix HD80 workstation sets performance records.

NVIDIA Grows Collaboration With Microsoft
NVIDIA is showcasing integrated solutions with Microsoft Azure and Windows PCs, simplifying AI model deployment and optimizing route mapping.

Verisurf Partners with ScanTech
3D scanning and optical tracking solutions powered by Verisurf Software.

CPFD Releases Barracuda Virtual Reactor 24.0
This release includes new physics capabilities, usability enhancements, and automated plotting for monitoring running simulations.

Cobra Releases Golf-Ready 3D-Printed Irons
The set features metal-injection molded irons, 3D-printed steel putters, iron badges and an aerodynamically designed DarkSpeed.

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