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A Horse is a Horse, Unless It’s A Souped-Up Segway

The Tokyo Motor Show is always a good place to see oddball vehicle concepts, and this year should prove no different. Already we’re reading reports about Toyota’s Segway-Tamagotchi mash-up that can respond to drivers’ moods in the same way a horse might.

Drivers of the FV2 stand and shift their bodies forward, backward, or sideways to control its movement, and the vehicle can determine their mood using voice and facial recognition, and change the exterior color in response. The windshield boasts an augmented reality display, and the car includes a host of traffic and road sensors.

While the FV2 is a concept vehicle that is unlikely to make it’s way to the U.S., Toyota will showcase a number of vehicles that are actually scheduled for production in the near term, like the Aqua G Sports hybrid that will launch in Japan this year, and the i-Road electric trike. Attendees will also get a look at the FCV concept, a hydrogen-based sedan.

The FCV will have a driving range of 500 km, features two 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tanks, and a Toyota FC Stack with a power output density of 3 kW/I.  The FCV is expected to launch some time in 2015.

Source: Autoblog

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