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About DE’s "Editor’s Pick of the Week"

By Steve Robbins


Each week, DE's Editor at Large, Tony Lockwood, combs through dozens of new product releases and uses his years of engineering industry knowledge to choose a few products and services that he thinks will help engineers innovate by working smarter and more efficiently. The choices are entirely his own, with no external or internal influences. We internally label these few chosen products as “Editor's Picks.” These newsworthy picks end up being covered in DE feature articles, news items and newsletters such as the “Editor's Pick of the Week.”

After the product or service has been chosen as an “Editor's Pick,” the featured company is notified of the selection and informed of DE's “Editor's Pick of the Week” sponsorship opportunity.

A sponsor receives two benefits. One is a guarantee that the selected product will be featured in an “Editor's Pick of the Week” newsletter within 120 days. The second benefit is the opportunity to acquire inquiry information for people who request more information on, or visit websites related to, the product or service published in the newsletter. This passing of inquiry-related information is disclosed to subscribers of the “Editor's Pick of the Week” newsletter. Subscribers may opt-out from this newsletter service so that contact information is not offered to third parties.

The result is that some “Editor's Pick of the Week” issues you read have been sponsored as described above, and some have not. We place the “Sponsored Content” button on every newsletter—sponsored or not—to ensure you have a chance to read this process overview and disclosure.

When writing an “Editor's Pick of the Week” newsletter, Tony Lockwood explains why he thinks a chosen product or service could help DE's readers. That article is broadcast to subscribers as the “Editor's Pick of the Week” newsletter. Desktop Engineering also prepares a press release for every “Pick of the Week” publication and distributes the release to the industry and press news services. The featured company does not see or have the opportunity to approve what Tony decides to write before it is published or distributed to the news services.  

We believe that what is covered in an “Editor's Pick of the Week” newsletter is important, newsworthy and fairly presented. We hope you find this information useful too.

Thank you,
Steve Robbins
Editorial Director & CEO

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