Automation for Prusa MK3 3D Printer

Quinly for Prusa solution automates error detection, parts release.

Quinly for Prusa solution automates error detection, parts release.

3DQue Systems has released Quinly for Prusa, a 3D printing automation solution for the Prusa MK3 FDM/FFF 3D printer.

According to the company, Quinly integrates with the Prusa MK3 seamlessly, and works with the printer’s built-in error-detection tools to run the printer continuously.

Key features of Quinly for Prusa:

  • The high performance VAAPR print bed included with Quinly for Prusa provides reliable adhesion on its own, eliminating the need for glue or other adhesives. When cooled after printing, the VAAPR print bed completely releases parts, clearing the bed for the next print to begin automatically.
  • Quinly software can activate Prusa MK3’s error-detection and recalibration tools, allowing it to run hours on end without any user input or supervision. Operators are notified if filament runs out or if maintenance is required.
  • With a fully automated printing process, Prusas outfitted with Quinly can print hundreds of copies of a part at the press of a button, or print a custom queue of different parts in series.

“Quinly multiplies the productivity of your Prusa. Unattended, continuous part-release that just works is a freedom you can’t truly appreciate until you try it. Since the Prusa MK3 is such a reliable printer already, it is the perfect candidate for automation,” says Steven McCulloch, Quinly product lead.

Quinly for Prusa will be available for pre-sale June 23, 2021.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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