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BigLever Software Announces Gears 7.2

PLE solution improves configuration capabilities, automated production.

PLE solution improves configuration capabilities, automated production.

BigLever Software, a provider of systems and software product line engineering (PLE) solutions, announced the release of Gears 7.2, its PLE Lifecycle Framework solution. The update delivers multistage configuration capabilities needed for engineering organizations to create, deliver, maintain and evolve their entire “product family tree” based on product line features, the company says.

The solution allows companies to establish a feature-based product line factory that uses feature profiles and systems and software assets from across the engineering lifecycle and the entire product line portfolio to automatically configure and produce many product flavors. Multi-stage configuration extends this factory approach by allowing product line managers and marketers to better comprehend, organize and manage highly complex family trees based on product line features.

“Multi-stage configuration is especially powerful because it shortens the lead time required to translate new feature concepts and combinations into product implementation,” said Charles Krueger, CEO of BigLever Software. “With Gears 7.2, product marketers can gain a cohesive big picture view into the product family tree, and the subfamlies within their purview, to take strategic advantage of product feature commonalities and diversity within the product space. As a result, businesses can leverage a feature-based product line management approach to efficiently expand and evolve their product line portfolio to meet customer need and market demand.”

For more information, visit Big Lever Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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