Check it Out: Pointwise’s Video on T-Rex grids

By Anthony J. Lockwood

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T-Rex grids from Pointwise

Pointwise has offered T-Rex technology as part of its flagship Gridgen CFD meshing toolkit for a while. T-Rex stands for “anisotropic tetrahedral meshing” technology, a mouthful that explains why the folks at Pointwise mercifully shortened it for you. But besides a museum display or some odd sight gag that heehawing guys do to the mystery of their girlfriends, what is T-Rex?

The short answer is that T-Rex meshing technology extrudes regular layers of high-quality tetrahedra from boundaries. Pointwise reports that T-Rex lets you recombine the tetrahedra into prisms if you want, and that your mesh can adjust to convex and concave regions as well as colliding extrusion fronts.

T-Rex grids, according to Pointwise, are easy to build and take only a fraction of the time you normally expect or need to make a structured grid. The upshot then is that T-Rex can reduce the time it takes to generate a boundary layer mesh from hours to minutes, yet it still produces the high-quality grids you need for accurate CFD solutions.

So, what does all that mean for you? Well, take a look at today’s Check It Out video from Pointwise and make that call yourself. In about a minute 50 seconds the video shows what T-Rex can mean to you when creating a viscous unstructured volume mesh.

Let me also add that the video also mentions that T-Rex will become a part of the company’s Pointwise CFD mesher later this year. The Pointwise CFD mesher offers advanced automation and flexible manual controls so that you can dig right into your work through its user-friendly interface. And that makes it a good time to learn about a technology that can make you more efficient and more productive no matter what mesher you use.

Thanks, pal.—Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Check out the video on T-Rex grids from Pointwise.

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