CTC Releases Touchscreen Printer

CTC Electronic has released a new touchscreen dual-nozzle 3D printer.

Chinese manufacturer CTC Electronic rang in the Chinese New Year by launching a new touchscreen, dual-nozzle 3D printer.

The CTC Bizer III includes a touchscreen LED panel (available with a Chinese or English interface). Other enhancements over the CTC Bizer II include updated upper slicing software, which the company says will improve the printer’s slice processing capabilities.ctc touchscreen

The company has leveraged MakerBot’s open source technology for the printer. The control software has been altered, and includes a more user-friendly interface. The printer also features a transparent acrylic exterior, and structural components made of steel.

The new printer includes the company’s intelligent misalignment detection CSN technology, a proprietary technology developed independently by CTC, to align the two-color print heads. According to the company, this avoids the scratches caused by the time lag when using a single print head and eliminates the potential for mutual interference between the heads that can occur with a double print head.

The printer has a maximum print size of 11-in. by 5.7-in. by 5.9-in., and a minimum thickness of 0.0039-0.0197 in. It can print in 1.75mm ABS, PLA, PC, rubber and wood, and supports SD cards and USB connections.

Last year, CTC heavily invested in a new factory in Zhuhai (near Hong Kong), which could potentially expand its production capacity to up to 8,000 printers per month. The company also released its first SLA UV 3D printer last year (allegedly a clone of Formlabs Form1), and also announced a food extruder.

Source: CTC Electronic

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