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New mobile workstations from MSI provide the computing power to handle complex models and simulations, any time and any place.

New mobile workstations from MSI provide the computing power to handle complex models and simulations, any time and any place.

Engineering workflows require increasing amounts of computing power. Designers are working with larger and more complex models, and utilize simulation software earlier and more often in the design cycle. In addition, designers have been tasked with creating photorealistic renderings for conducting design reviews, collaborating with other stakeholders, creating marketing materials, and other applications.

At the same time, engineers need to be able to do this work from any location – in their offices, on the road, and while working from home. They need powerful mobile workstations with enough horsepower to handle these advanced modeling, simulation, and rendering tasks.

The new MSI WS Series mobile workstation, along with the WE76 and WF Series, are powered by NVIDIA RTX graphics and 11th-Gen Intel Core processors, providing twice the performance of previous models. That means faster rendering, greater accuracy, and increased productivity to meet the challenges and demands of a modern engineering workflow. The MSI WS Series of workstations are certified for NVIDIA RTX Studio, making it possible for users to leverage real-time ray tracing, AI processing, and high-resolution video and graphics editing in a laptop form factor.

The MSI mobile workstations also support the NVIDIA Omniverse platform, enabling engineers to work across industry leading applications (like Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Revit, Epic Games Unreal Engine 4, and many more) in a shared virtual space. This removes the need for tedious export/import between applications, and transforms the traditional content creation process from a linear to a more simultaneous and dynamic experience.

A Solution for Every Engineering Workflow

The new WS Series can handle advanced engineering tasks for designers that need to regularly perform simulations and create detailed renderings and models. The WS66 15.6-in. workstation features the latest Intel Core i9 processors and supports the NVIDIA® RTX™ A5000 Laptop GPU. For engineers that require a larger digital workspace and a wider viewing area, MSI also offers the WS76 17.3-in. model. The WS Series provides an optimal combination of performance and mobility, allowing engineers to complete their simulation and modeling work, while utilizing the laptop for on-site presentations and client reviews.

The redesigned WE76 pushes performance even further with a NVIDIA® RTX™ A5000 Laptop GPU and 11th gen Intel® Core i9 processor, making it ideal as a desktop replacement in demanding simulation and modeling environments. It also features MSI’s exclusive Cooler Boost 5, which further optimizes performance. The new WE76 features a 4K resolution display, for engineering applications that require rich detail and accurate color. For engineers that need power and flexibility, the WE Series provides an ideal alternative to a tower workstation.

Basic analysis and rapid rendering have become a must-have capability across the design cycle, even for engineers that are not performing complex simulations. For these more traditional simulation and rendering workflows, the WF Series provides advanced graphics performance, but at a lower cost and in a sleek package. MSI offers both the 15.6-inch WF66 and 17.3-in. WF76, which support the NVIDIA RTX A2000 T1200 Laptop GPUs.

Engineering organizations need workstations that provide flexibility and mobility, while also meeting the diverse performance needs of their designers. With these new mobile workstations, MSI offers powerful solutions for a wide range of engineering use cases.  For more information, visit the MSI Workstation website.

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