Flying Bicycle Takes to the Air in Prague

Fans of impractical vehicle hybrids will enjoy this video of a helicopter-bicycle taking a test flight. I’m not clear what the point of the “bike” half of this mash-up is, but three Czech companies took the 200-lb. prototype for a test flight in Prague recently. The “pilot” is actually a lightweight dummy.

The electric aircraft operates with two battery-powered propellers. Duratec Bicycles, Technodat and Evektor created it with help from Dassault Systems. The team leveraged Dassault’s PLM 2.0 V6 platform. You can read more about the design process here.

It’s too heavy for a human pilot, but more powerful batteries could make that possible in the future. According to a UPI report, the creators think it could be used for commuting, sport, tourism and recreation.

Source: UPI

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