Formlabs Launches Fuse 1, Form Cell for Digital Manufacturing

Formulas introduces SLS 3D printer and a scalable automation system.

Fuse 1 parts

At The Digital Factory conference today, Formlabs announced the Fuse 1, its first selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer, and Form Cell, an automated production solution for additive manufacturing that uses the Form 2 professional 3D printer.

An assortment of parts printed by the Fuse 1.

Fuse 1’s complete package features a printer, a post-processing station with material recovery, an extra build piston and initial material load.

The company says its Fuse 1 brings industrial power of SLS 3D printing to the bench top. The Fuse 1 printer starts at $9,999, and is now available for reservation with a deposit of $1,000. It is estimated to begin shipping in mid-2018. A complete package, priced at $19,999, includes the printer and a post-processing station with material recovery, an extra build piston for continuous usage, and initial material load.

Available materials for the Fuse 1 include Nylon PA 12 and PA 11. Fuse 1-sintered parts meet or exceed the material properties published by their industrial counterparts, according to the company.

The company’s Form Cell is designed to parallelize and automate repetitive 3D printing processes. It consists of a row of Form 2 3D printers, Form Wash, a curing unit and an industrial robotic gantry system to automates the manual parts of 3D printing. Software schedules print jobs and detects errors, and allows for remote monitoring, as well as part and serial number printing.

Form Cell is an automated production solution for additive manufacturing.

Application programming interface endpoints can be used to integrate with industry-standard business systems, or homegrown systems.

For more details, read our coverage on Rapid Ready Tech and visit FormLabs.

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