Gravity Sketch Makes 3D Remote Collaboration Possible

Gravity Sketch launches LandingPad Collab, enabling designers and their teams to collaborate at scale in 3D from the start of the creative process, from anywhere in the world.

Gravity Sketch launches LandingPad Collab, enabling designers and their teams to collaborate at scale in 3D from the start of the creative process, from anywhere in the world.

Gravity Sketch, the spatial 3D design platform, has today announced the launch of its virtual collaboration space, LandingPad Collab, making it available to designers and their teams, anywhere in the world. 

LandingPad Collab, which is free to use, gives design teams the ability to create a personal collaboration room in which they can invite team members to easily communicate, collaborate and design at scale in 3D. Designers can immerse themselves virtually to create life-size models and review products such as a pair of trainers, a new car or a bike, which can then be viewed, modified and commented on from any location. 

LandingPad Collab allows up to four people to collaborate on a design at the same time, bringing teams together in a virtual space and accelerating workflows. During the pandemic, this enabled teams to continue working on 3D products without the need to travel and meet in person.  

One of the first brands to trial the technology was Adidas, which used the solution to create multiple trainer concepts. 

“Since using LandingPad Collab, our designers have been able to create things they simply couldn’t otherwise do with the traditional means of illustration and Photoshop,” says Marc Dolce, vice president, creative director, Adidas says. “Learning to use the tool was a quick and intuitive process which allowed us to speed up digital collaboration by allowing the team to work together on any product, at any moment, from wherever they were in the world.”

Gravity Sketch enables designers to design and model naturally using their hands. Wearing a virtual reality headset, they are transported into a virtual workspace, where with use of a remote controller, they can create end-to-end 3D designs. LandingPad Collab provides industrial designers with the ability to make unlimited adjustments, as well as to present final designs virtually before going through the manufacturing process.

Gravity Sketch has made the feature free in response to demand from the design community who will share virtual spaces and communicate their ideas more effectively. It also allows the company to democratize digital 3D design. The first step toward this was when the Gravity Sketch platform was made free to everyone at the start of the year.

“Within the design industry, there has been a lack of tools for real-time collaboration and iteration between globally distributed teams, particularly when communicating and creating in 3D, which usually creates a number of inefficiencies throughout a product’s design process,” says Daniela Paredes Fuentes, co-founder and CXO at Gravity Sketch. “We listened to our users and studied the design process of automotive vehicles and industrial designers, as well as concept artists in the entertainment industry, which helped us to optimize the collaboration engine to provide the solutions they need.”

LandingPad Collab features include the ability to create or import 3D models, have real-time voice conversations with people in the virtual room, edit each other's work, move around at scale or zoom in and out. Users also gain access to 1GB of cloud-saves through the company’s accompanying free LandingPad platform.

Gravity Sketch is an intuitive 3D design platform that allows cross-disciplinary teams to express ideas, create, collaborate and review spatially. For the first time, industrial designers can design in 3D from start to finish, rapidly improving the speed to market of products, from cars to footwear. For businesses, adopting the technology also helps to attract new design talent in a competitive market. In addition to Adidas, other brands already using the platform include Ford, Nissan and Volkswagen.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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