Isometric Micro Molding Selects BMF for Micro 3D Printing

Medical-focused micro molder uses BMF printers to support customer prototypes.

Medical-focused micro molder uses BMF printers to support customer prototypes.

Isometric micromanufactures complex, thin wall, tight tolerance, larger parts with micro features molded components and automated assemblies. Image courtesy of BMF and Isometric.

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), the pioneer in microscale 3D printing systems, reports that Isometric Micro Molding Inc. added additional BMF printers to support its customers' early design verification and prototyping efforts with micro 3D printing capabilities.

Isometric Micro Molding, a large medical-focused micro molder in the U.S., is a partner for micro solutions. Isometric micromanufactures complex, thin wall, tight tolerance, larger parts with micro features molded components and automated assemblies, from microfluidic devices to medical implants and more.

Since the fall of 2020, Isometric has turned to BMF's micro 3D printers to round out its vertically-integrated micro molding, micro tooling, computed tomography scanning and micro automated assembly capabilities. Their most recent investment increases capacity from one to three printers to support customers through early stage-development.

BMF printers, built upon Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL) technology, enable ultra high-resolution parts (down to 2μm) to be 3D printed with accuracy, precision and speed. Isometric Micro Molding's engineers now use the printers to introduce a faster design verification and prototyping process compared to traditional methods.

In most cases, the 3D printed parts are quickly reviewed for DFM and scalability and then printed in fewer than 3 days, so that customers can evaluate and test critical components at their facilities, especially if mating parts are being used. Many customers also arrange multiple designs to be 3D printed at once so that they can experiment with various iterations simultaneously to quickly get to a final design.

“Our customers have voiced their excitement and satisfaction with the resolution and quality of their 3D printed prototypes, the speed at which they are able to test functional designs, and their ability to experiment prior or in parallel with building a mold,” says Brent Hahn, vice president of Business Development and Strategy at Isometric Micro Molding. “A customer might have five different design ideas and we can now deliver them all at the same time, evaluate concurrently, and within a few days.” 

Isometric Micro Molding joins a growing list of organizations that turn to BMF for end-use parts and prototypes within industries including medical device manufacturing, microfluidics, MEMS, biotech and pharmaceuticals, electronics/electrical connectors, research and development and more. BMF launched its microArch micro 3D printing systems globally in February 2020 and now has over 200 systems installed at customers worldwide.

“Smaller parts are typically more difficult to design and more expensive to produce, and technological barriers have left entire industries out of the realm of 3D printing. That's no longer the case,” says John Kawola, CEO of BMF.  

To read more about how Isometric Micro Molding is leveraging micro 3D printing to improve the design and prototyping process, download BMF's whitepaper

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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