Light Field Lab launches Modular Holographics Displays

Company offers SolidLight High-Res Holographic Display Wall

Light Field Lab launches SolidLight high-res holographic display wall

The San Jose-based startup Light Field Lab has just launched a holographic display platform, dubbed SolidLight. The company describes it as a system “to project SolidLight Objects that accurately move, refract and reflect in physical space. The directly emissive modular SolidLight Surfaces form dense converging wavefronts with billions of pixels of photonic resolution.” 

According to the announcement, “SolidLight is a turnkey solution that delivers true holographic experiences with real-time interactivity powered by Light Field Lab’s proprietary WaveTracer hardware and software, in conjunction with multiple self-emissive bezel-less SolidLight Surface Panels that form modular holographic video walls. These SolidLight Surfaces scale to accommodate a wide range of next-generation entertainment, advertising, and commercial applications with an eye towards mass-production in the future to support consumer markets.“

SolidLight panels comes as modular unites that can be stacked up and combined to form large video walls. Like most holographic displays, it has an optimal viewing zone. As the user moves outside the zone, the holographic effects disintegrate. 

“Each 28-inch SolidLight Surface Panel contributes 2.5 billion pixels to the generated holographic object volume and the modular SolidLight Surface can scale to create any size display to accommodate a range of experiences including configurations exceeding hundreds of billions of pixels,” the company explains.

The Hong Kong- and Brooklyn-based Looking Glass Factory also offers holographic displays, operable in the PC-connnected mode or the standalone mode. The products offer touch sensitivity. They support content authored in Unity, Unreal, Three.js and more. You load the model into the Looking Glass environment as OBJ, FBX and other neutral 3D formats exportable from CAD programs. (For more, read “Standalone Holographic Display Launched,” August 2019; and “Looking Glass Factory Launches Oversize Display,” November 2019.)

SolidLight-Hero-LFL_EmbedOnly_slated from LFL Info on Vimeo.

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