Maple 2019 Offers Mathematical Power to Users 

New release strengthens core math capabilities, opens new areas for technical research.

New release strengthens core math capabilities, opens new areas for technical research.

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Maplesoft announced a major new release of its flagship product, Maple, the mathematical software that enables ability to analyze, explore, visualize and solve math problems. Maple 2019 includes improvements to its mathematical engine, for core routines and specialized tools. The release also provides advances to the Maple programming language, more education tools, new visualizations and other improvements for the mathematicians, educators, students, engineers and scientists who use Maple.

Maple 2019 includes enhancements to the core mathematics that customers use every day, either directly or through computational functions that call on fundamental routines. In addition, many specialized tools have been improved or expanded, and support for new advanced areas of computation has been added. Improvements include:

  • Hundreds of improvements to core functionality, such as solving equations, integration, factoring and differential equations;
  • Enhancing ability to find symbolic solutions to partial differential equations, including new methods that solve new classes of problems, more flexibility in choosing the methods to try, and improved simplification of results;
  • Work to further strengthen and consolidate Maple’s support for tensor computations with support for classical and quantum mechanics, special and general relativity, and standard tensor notation for input and output;
  • More group theory tools for constructing, computing with and visualizing more groups, along with performance improvements;
  • More signal processing, including new algorithms, manipulation tools, and visualization techniques; and
  • A comprehensive environment for the parallel computation of the electronic energies and properties of molecules, available in the new add-on product, the Maple Quantum Chemistry Toolbox from RDMChem.

Maple 2019 also includes various improvements in other areas, such as enhancements to the Maple programming language that help customers write more efficient code, a completely redesigned start page that makes it even easier for new users to become productive quickly, new visualizations for analyzing data and additional interactive Math Apps that support teaching and learning key concepts of computer science.

“There is no doubt that Maple 2019 is another strong step ahead in increasing the breadth and depth of our mathematical engine,” says Dr. Laurent Bernardin, chief executive officer at Maplesoft. “If you are a mathematician working on a research problem, an engineer performing design calculations, a student looking for insight, or a scientist studying the universe, Maple 2019 will take you further.”

Maple is available in several languages including French, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese. A Japanese version of Maple 2019 will be available in a few weeks.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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