MSC Software Announces Apex Fossa

Release has new modeling connections and a Python API.

MSC Software has unveiled the sixth release of MSC Apex, its next-generation CAE platform.  Apex Fossa allows design exploration to happen in the analysis result space, without having to go back to CAD and redesign the entire part or assembly. This dramatically reduces the time for a power-user to achieve the optimal solution (from days to hours) and democratizes vibrational analysis, making it accessible to more engineers, according to MSC.

Release highlights include:

Modeling: This release has new connections, loads and boundary conditions (such as local coordinate system, distributed coupling, moments and dynamic forces), new meshing enhancements, geometry tools (such as slicing mirroring and Boolean operators), and additional export formats.

Simulation: Computational parts-based generative framework has been extended from linear statics to now include the first phase of dynamics, Frequency Response. This includes Structural, Modal, and Material Damping, Multi-Step Analysis, Point Sensor, XY-Plotting and Frequency Response results exploration.

Extensibility: Initial Python scripting capability is introduced in Apex Fossa. Python API (application programming interface) has been carefully designed for compliance with Python standards. The API is based on true Python idioms and uses built-in, native Python data structures. The Python community of rich libraries makes customization powerful and easy.

For more information, visit MSC Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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