New AI-Based Heart Segmentation in Simpleware Q-2020.06

Software includes new AS Cardio and Design Link modules.

Software includes new AS Cardio and Design Link modules.

Synopsys has announced Simpleware Release Q-2020.06, which includes two new modules: “Simpleware AS Cardio” and “Simpleware Design Link”.  In addition, the latest version of Simpleware software includes a number of new features and improvements, including support for importing 4D DICOM.

Simpleware software provides a 3D image processing software (MRI, CT…) environment for generating models for CAD, CAE, and 3D printing.

The latest addition to the growing Simpleware Auto Segmenter family, AS Cardio, provides an easy-to-use tool to automatically segment the cardiovascular system. In this specific release, the company has focused on automatically segmenting the heart blood pool and muscle, and automatically placing key landmarks.

Highlights include:

AS Cardio 

  • Fully automatic AI/ML segmentation of heart CT scans
  • Segments both ventricles and atria, aorta, pulmonary artery and left ventricle myocardium
  • Vessels automatically trimmed, and segmentation tidied up without any user interaction
  • Automatic positioning of landmarks to define the aortic valve, coronary arteries and left ventricle
  • Automatic region of interest detection to speed up inference

Design Link 

  • Synchronize models between Simpleware ScanIP and SOLIDWORKS®
  • Use Simpleware ScanIP’s full functionality to position the part with respect to your 3D image data
  • Use SOLIDWORKS to make changes to your part design
  • Sync updates made in SOLIDWORKS to linked design in Simpleware ScanIP

Simpleware ScanIP Medical: 4D DICOM Import Support  

  • Existing DICOM import now supports 4D time series
  • Import all or select one timeframe from the new user options

Enhanced Visualization

  • Interactive reslicing multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) mode for 2D slices allows you to see your data in any direction or orientation
  • Shape fitting now extended to use 2D views to fit 2D shapes in slices by using mask contours and selected points
  • Improved 3D editing user interface for faster and simpler mask edits
  • Mesh quality histograms now available in the Model inspection tab to see the great results from our meshing algorithms

Improved Usability

  • New tools for extruding, hollowing and clipping surface objects in the Simpleware CAD module. Ideal for preparing files for 3D printing, finite element meshing, and more
  • New parameters in the 3D wrap tool allow greater control
  • New option to optimize shortest element edges during meshing to improve your simulation results for dynamic analyses
  • New automatic region of interest detection to speed up inference available in Simpleware AS Ortho

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