Noesis Solutions Redesigns Optimus 2023.2

The redesign involved enhancing its automation features to increase efficiency and reduce computational costs.

The redesign involved enhancing its automation features to increase efficiency and reduce computational costs.

Noesis Solutions, a digital engineering company, reports the latest updates to its automation and optimization tool, Optimus.

Upgrades include availability of remote access to interfaces, reducing computational costs with the introduction of Multi-Fidelity Efficient Global Optimizer (MFEGO), and enhancing the existing optimization capabilities with fast, scalable multi-objective optimization algorithm—Multi-Objective Lighthouse algorithm and introduction of nvision interface, an artificial intelligence-powered surrogate modeling tool by Noesis Solutions.

“Optimus 2023.2 brings new features that strengthen Noesis Solutions’ automation and optimization capabilities by reacting to customers’ increasing heterogeneous networks, introducing new optimization solutions targeting reduced computational costs, and improving the access to existing files and results,” says Christine Schwarz, product owner—Optimus, Noesis Solutions.

Key Features of Optimus 2023.2

Remote access to interfaces: Optimus 2023.2 introduces remote access to interface functionality, allowing users to remotely control and interact with various third-party software tools. This new feature removes the need of a physical installation of the interface software on the local host and enables access to these interfaces through a remote system from anywhere. The connection to the remote machine hosting the software installation from Optimus 2023.2 is realized using a Parallel System, helping orchestrate engineering workflows by transferring the necessary files and packages to the remote machine automatically. 

Multi-Fidelity EGO: Modern engineering design processes are challenged by the need to incorporate data coming from different sources into consistent predictive models. With the inew Multi-fidelity Efficient Global Optimizer (Multi-Fidelity EGO) in Optimus 2023.2, users can achieve reduced simulation and analysis costs and simultaneously improve final design quality. This optimizer will consider simulations with different fidelity levels, adaptively select the sampling location, and improve accuracy of the optimization while reducing computational costs. 

Multi-Objective Lighthouse: The Optimus 2023.2 release is introducing integration of a new multi-objective Lighthouse algorithm, a fast, scalable multi-objective algorithm to enhance existing optimization capabilities of Optimus. 

nvision Interface: Optimus 2023.2 extends the portfolio of interfaces to third-party tools with the introduction of an interface to nvision, an AI-powered surrogate modeling tool by Noesis Solutions. With the nvision interface, Optimus offers direct access to nvision models, which allows the user to integrate real-time predictions into an Optimus workflow instead of running \simulations.

Optimus 2023.2 is available on the market now. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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