OMNIS Version 2.2 is Available

This version of OMNIS from Numeca comes with a documentation platform fully integrated within the software.

Image courtesy of Numeca.

Numeca announces the official release of OMNIS 2.2, which gives access to two applications:

  • The OMNIS/HEXPRESS Application, leveraging HEXPRESS/Hybrid core capabilities within the OMNIS integrated environment
  • The OMNIS/OPEN Application (beta technology preview), giving access to the OPEN solver capabilities with the co-processing power of OMNIS for external aerodynamics applications

Cylindrical mesh generation. Image courtesy of Numeca.

Cylindrical mesh generation. Image courtesy of Numeca.

This version comes with a documentation platform fully integrated within the software. It features two detailed tutorials giving a hands-on introduction to the OMNIS environment and tools. Users can access the same documentation through NUMECA’s online platform in its customer area.

Several improvements and new capabilities, described in the section “New features” of the documentation, have been introduced to extend the scope of application of OMNIS.

Highlights of OMNIS/HEXPRESS:

  • Get orthogonality for far-field cells.
  • Control Viscous Layer with cross-through buffer.
  • Use refinement primitives with more options (refinement of surfaces within volume).
  • Take advantage of advanced mesh optimizations options.
  • Generate Cylindrical Full Hexa meshes.
  • Regroup surfaces automatically with fillets and sharp angle.

Highlights for OMNIS/OPEN (beta technology preview):

  • Monitor lift and drag for external flow.
  • Visualize new scalar quantities in results analysis.
  • Compute Pressure Coefficients as a customized quantity with user-defined expression.
  • Use the SSC-EARSM turbulence for best in class separated flow predictions.
  • Simulate natural convection by taking into account gravity forces.
  • Take advantage of the CPU-Booster™ acceleration and use the Real Gas and Incompressible fluid models.
  • Keep the server running at the end of computations to allow direct post-processing.

Now also available is the OMNIS Platform. The OMNIS platform is a fully integrated engineering environment based on a subset of the capabilitties of OMNIS/Open and OMNIS/HEXPRESS, giving design engineers access to a full simulation suite.

For more info, visit Numeca.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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