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7665 Commerce Way
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, 55344
United States of America
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For three decades, we’ve been inspired by the unique challenges our customers face every day. It’s what’s driven us to make them more competitive, more streamlined and more efficient, with products delivered faster and more accurately than ever. Today, those same customers trust us to find new and innovative solutions through our technology – and recognise us as the world leader in 3D printing.

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Rapid Prototyping in The Automotive Industry
Henry Ford may not have invented the automobile, but his pioneering spirit did transform the way cars were made. His assembly line process drastically reduced costs with standardized parts and greater efficiency which led to lower cost, higher quality and greater reliability.
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Stratasys in the News

Stratasys J826 PolyJet 3D printer rounds out the company’s line of line of full-color, multi-material photopolymer 3D printers as a model “designed for designers.”

The new J826 provides full-color PolyJet printing at a lower cost.

One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.

The SKETCH Classroom incorporates MakerBot’s complete education ecosystem.

Executive leader chosen to drive strategy, go-to-market and growth acceleration.

As production-grade additive manufacturing gains ground, vendors roll out software to streamline processes and improve outcomes.

The ability to churn out on-demand 3D custom parts helps keep classic cars on the road.

New GrabCAD Shop simplifies 3D printing workflow.

One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.

Company’s rail industry solution designed to meet requirements for passenger trains and light rail, with materials passing European Standard EN45545-2.

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